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Snapshot at Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Together with Petra Blaisse, Inside Outside, we designed the typography and colour plan for the exhibition ‘Snapshot’, Painters and Photography, 1888-1915 at Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (14 October 2011 – 8 January 2012).

The invention in 1888 of the first manageable, easy-to-use camera for amateurs made spontaneous photography possible: the snapshot was born. The enthusiastic users of the earliest amateur cameras included many artists. What role did photography play in their lives and how did it influence their work? The exhibition Snapshot. Painters and Photography, 1888-1915 sheds a light on this creative process, presenting 220 photographs and 70 paintings, prints and drawings from seven artists.

Photography by Luuk Kramer for Van Gogh Museum

Graphic Design