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Centraal Museum: Blue Jeans Book

Blue Jeans, the title of the Centraal Museum’s exhibition wich was on display from November 2012 until March 2013, presented the first large-scale exhibition about Jeans in the Netherlands. The exhibition was accompanied with a book designed by Joachim Baan in collaboration with Studio wilfredtimo.

The publication is divided into four parts and consists of eight different booklets with articles and visual content from the exhibition. Including several essays, photo series, posters and a denim dictionary in collaboration with Tenue de Nîmes.

Across various themes, the exhibition ‘Blue Jeans’ showed the history of 350 years jeans. Presenting new work by renowned artists, seventeenth-century art like the Master of the Blue Jeans, unique historical items, fashion photography, design and a lot of fabulous jeans, showcasing both history, craftsmanship and innovative technology.

Art Direction, Graphic Design