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Butterfly Paper

During Surprising Africa at Picnic 2008, Butterfly Works launched The Butterfly Paper N°1: a manual for global citizens who intent to start their own “positive chain of events”.

The Butterfly Paper N°1 provides insight in the Mentality of Butterfly Works and the ideas on which all projects are based. By publishing the Butterfly Paper N°1 Butterfly Works share their experience and lessons learnt in the last decade by examples derived from their first and initial project – NairoBits. The Butterfly Paper N°1 comprises a detailed case study of this digital design school in the slums of Nairobi.

Emer Beamer, one of Butterfly Works’ founders: ‘We hope The Butterfly Paper N°1 can inspire everyone to start his or her own “positive chain of events”. We show that courage, creativity and devotion are the key for success.’

Art Direction, Graphic Design