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Holt Renfrew: 175th Birthday

We were invited to design a limited edition sweatshirt to celebrate the 175th birthday of Holt Renfrew. The design was released during their Hot@175 Mobile Tour, a cross-country, travelling pop-up shop.

The piece we made was inspired on an old Hold Renfrew brochure cover from 1940. We see a beautiful lady in a fur coat, and just between the word ‘Furs’ and ‘Fourrures’ is this sweet little icon of a small animal. It was very subtile, and probably no one really mentioned it since it was very illustrative and the full attentions was drawn by the beautiful lady, but it was there. That little animal was the inspiration mixed with the roman numerals 175 and two little minks hidden in the illustration.

For this project Joris Bruring and Nils van der Top shot a nice portrait of me, giving a little hint of my inspiration and daily life.
Happy birthday Holt!

Graphic Design